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“Our Akitas are the angels who protect us, guard our home and bring harmony to our existence.”


Although it sits on a 6.5 acres farm in the heart of the Brazilian Cerrado, a tropical ecosystem common of the country’s midlands, our Kennel has its roots in Vila Velha, a beautiful city on the coast of Brazil, where Romel, one of the owners, was born.


It was the early 2000s and Romel was given a white female Akita – Nala – as a gift from a friend who had an Akita couple. That was the beginning of his passion for the breed. The “White Angel”, as Nala was known, accompanied Romel when he moved to Brasília, many years later, and it was she who motivated his choice of breed when, in 2008, he and his partner Marcello bought the “João de Barro” Farm and decided that they needed to invest in guard dogs.


Since it was a big stretch of land and it needed to be guarded well, they didn’t hesitate in choosing Akitas for the job; after all they already loved the breed and read a lot about it. Nala was their first keeper, the first member the breeding stock. On the following year came Kira, alongside two of her own puppies, Daigo and Emi. And this is how the first generation of the Inuwashi Kennel was formed, though at that point none of them had pedigree or was 100% pure.


After Nala’s passing, and with the need to increase security in different areas of the farm, Marcello and Romel decided to make a big investment on the breeding stock, thus acquiring their first animal certified by pedigree, the loyal and majestic Yoshi, from Kennel Cherokee Brauka’s. Shortly after that came the loving Ichimei, from Kennel Yamada; then Ayumi and Naomi, two girls from Kennel Yaruzo, and Sayuri, from Kennel Fighting Dog. These were the Akitas that originated the first genuinely Inuwashi puppies, the first to take the Kennel’s name in their registries.


The Kennel is currently invested in bettering its breeding stock, and is doing so by purchasing new animals coming from renowned Kennels worldwide, including from Japan, and with the AKIHO certification, which is only issued by the Akita Inu Hozonkai, Japan’s traditional Akita Club.


We consider the sires, dams and puppies at the Inuwashi Kennel our SHUGOREIS, which translates to “Guardian Angels”.

Akitas are smart, strong, dignified and brave dogs. Extremely loyal to their owners, they are quiet and intuitive, and very easy to train. They make sensitive and respectful companions, as well as being very helpful. In this section we will get into detail about the history, the characteristics and the behavior of this amazing and peculiar breed.

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