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Date of Birth 6/12/2008

Cor Red

Ichimei is our Kennel’s first born, and he carries it in his name. Originally from Kennel Yamada, in the southern city of Porto Alegre, he is an example of beauty, poise and agility. Immensely tender, he has everyone at his feet. As the oldest male in the Kennel, he is the property’s biggest guardian.


He commands the guard alongside the females. Ichimei knows everything and is always the first to arrive in any occasion. We feel very safe around him, and he always greets us when we come home. Extremely loyal and a great companion, he conveys happiness and trust.


Champion (2015), Panamerican Champion (2015)


Date of Birth 11/02/2015

Color White

The beautiful and grandiose Arashi Hakuun was acquired from the renowned and internationally recognized Kennel Hakufumy, owned by our Argentine friend Diego Rodriguez. In addition to the FCI Pedigree, Arashi also carries the Akiho Pedigree (issued by the Akitainu Hozonkai, Japan's Akita Club). Arashi is docile and playful, having a balanced temperament and admirable courage.


Arashi is currently our most valuable stud, a promise of future lineages with remarkable typicality and personality. His parents are both Japanese.

Puppy Champion (2015)





Date of Birth 2/08/2010

Color Brindle

Naomi got her name because of her exuberant dark coat, with extremely well-designed highlights.


She came from Kennel Yakuzo, owned by our dear friend Juliana Vicentim, a pioneer in breeding Akitas at Brazil’s capital, Distrito Federal, and with whom we learned to love and respect the Akita even more. Naomi’s mother, Gin Mekki, was a wonderful specimen, of solid and grandiose structure, with an admirable personality and owner of an equally impressive black brindle coat.


As soon as we laid eyes on Gin we said we wanted one of her offspring. This was how Naomi came to be an Inuwashi. She has a strong temperament and is an exemplary guardian.


Date of Birth 30/05/2011

Color Red

Sayuri is our most impressive red specimen. Her exuberant and intense coat contrasts with her white “urajiro”. She’s our most motherly female, very caring and sweet.


Besides being very brave, she impresses us all with her kindness. Sayuri is also an excellent guardian, and is always around, showing us everything is calm and well. She fills us with serenity and love at every cuddle. She came from Kennel Fighting Dog, a reference in Akita breeding in Brazil.


Date of Birth 29/09/2014

Color Red

Kiki is our red princess; her build is delicate and she has a captivating personality. The shape and angle of her eyes are mesmerizing. Her tail, like that of her father Ichimei and of her mother Sayuri, is beautifully curled and curved above her body.


Kiki is very docile and caring, and she enchants us all in her ways of asking for a cuddle. Together with her mum, she is attentive and diligent when guarding the property.


Date of Birth 21/02/2014

Color Brindle

Tomoko is one of our genuinely Inuwashi dams. She is the daughter of Yoshi, our grand brindle stud, and Ayumi, our most valuable white specimen. Of dominant behavior, Tomoko makes an excellent guard dog, and is always alert to any sound or movement. She has a large and strong structure and a striking personality.


Attentive, she protects the house without barking too much, but with notable authority. She has a special relationship with her sister Shinju, with whom she can be seem running around and causing mischief.


Date of Birth 21/04/2014

Color Brindle

Yuuka is the youngest of our genuinely Inuwashi dogs, daughter of Ichimei and Naomi. She has her father’s subtle features and her mother’s solid build. Her dark brindle coat is very impressive.


She is loving and delicate, but with a strong and imposing personality. She loves to play and run around the property chasing birds. She is also ma very good guard.


Date of Birth 24/04/2015

Color Red

Filha de pai japonês e mãe coreana, possui nobilíssima linhagem de sangue. Perfeita 

exemplar, de estrutura robusta e personalidade cativante, possui características que representam tudo de melhor que desejamos em nosso 

trabalho de melhoramento do padrão da raça: os olhos amendoados quase triangulares, as orelhas bem anguladas e apontadas, a pelagem vermelha sedosa e volumosa e o enrolado de sua cauda.


É a bonequinha, a caçulinha do canil. Um 

precioso diamante que trará um futuro de prosperidade e alegria à família Inuwashi. Brincalhona, adora o lago e se diverte na água. Sob cuidados e mimos, espalha sua alegria e desfila majestosamente, com graciosidade em sua marcha. Gyousei também veio do Canil Hakufumy e é companheira de Arashi Hakuun.


Date of Birth 21/02/2014

Color Brindle

Daughter of Yoshi and Ayumi, and Tomoko’s sister, Shinju stands out for her imperial build and delicate features, and for her sweet character and her beautiful red brindle coat, full of highlights.


She is very playful and loving, and is constantly seen chasing her big sister Tomoko around.

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